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Modern medicine offers many new possibilities in diagnosis. Huge progress in the analysis of the human genome now enables a highly sensitive determination of genetic dispositions to different metabolic, oncologic, neurologic, endocrinologic and immunologic diseases.

The purpose of our project is to explain genetics to the public. Currently we offer genetic tests for selected illnesses in which we can determine the level of risk involved. The result of this analysis has a preventative purpose – for example if you are diagnosed with a genetic disposition to celiakia, a gluten-free diet can prevent the onset of the disease. Similarly, you can prevent the onset of lactose intolerance, thrombophilia or paradentosis.



KMENOVKY (Stem Cells)

Stem cells are a promising field of development in modern therapy. They can differentiate to become any tissue and then repair the damaged one.

A basic identification of stem cells has been known for decades. In 2006 professor Yamanaka created a stem cell from an ordinary cell and then reprogrammed it to become another cell (e.g.  a skin cell was reprogrammed for a muscle cell). This started the new field in research which didn’t require the use of embryonic cells (which is still controversial) and a new era of therapeutic possibilities began.

Stem cells are routinely used in haematology and oncology but more and more are seen to be used in immunology and hereditary diseases.

An important category of use is for regeneration. Mesenchymal stem cells are used for the repair of damaged tissues.

The Medical Centre of Prague created and implemented protocols for the processing and storage of so-called haematopoietic stem cells from umbilical cord blood and from the peripheral blood of adults. The storage of these stem cells has a preventative purpose.

Currently we are preparing protocols for treatments with haematopoietic stem cells for immunology, oncology and infectious diseases.

In 2015 the Medical Centre of Prague received authorization for the use of stem cells in veterinary medicine. This laid the foundation of the project Avecell. And we hope that its results will also be used in human medicine.




Modern medicine offers new means of therapy not only in human medicine but also in veterinary medicine. The most promising tools for regenerative medicine are so-called mesenchymal stem cells. In normal conditions, mesenchymal stem cells are present in almost all tissues. After stimulation they can interact with tissue cells or immune cells. Stem cells react to damage from physical strain; after injuries or infections.

The quality of stem cells lowers with advancing age. Likewise, the quality of the tissues also lowers and results in “aging”. This physiological process can by partially reversed. Mesenchymal stem cells can be collected from bone marrow, peripheral blood or adipose tissue and then multiplied in the laboratory. Prepared cells are then applied into the damaged area or intravenously.

The legislative body of veterinary medicine in the Czech Republic permits the treatment of animals with mesenchymal stem cells. The Medical Centre of Prague received authorization for the use of stem cells in veterinary medicine in 2015. This laid the foundation for the project Avecell. And we hope that its results will eventually be used in human medicine.


ZDRAVÝ KOJENEC (Healthy Infant)

After a child is born a small amount of its cord blood can be tested for important health parameters: biochemical, genetic, immunological and microbiological. The knowledge of these parameters is important for the prevention of diseases.

The project Zdravý kojenec is divided in four categories:  1) genetics, 2) immunity, 3) vaccination and 4) breastfeeding.

  1. Recent progress in genetics has enabled a more detailed analysis of the genetic dispositions of each child. The establishment of risk genes helps prevent or delay the onset of diseases. We can also find out that a child doesn’t have any risk genes and it is therefore not necessary to implement any preventative measures.
  2. We can offer a detailed examination of an infant’s immunity. From the infant’s cord blood we can establish the maturity of immunity, immunodeficiency, risk of allergy and risk of autoimmune diseases. The knowledge of these parameters is important for the prevention of diseases, allergies, and for the determination of the risk of autoimmune diseases. We can also create a vaccination plan based on an immunological examination.
  3. Vaccination includes individual vaccines, immunity and related risks. Detailed examination enables us to determine if the standard vaccination plan is suitable for your child and to create an individual vaccination plan, if necessary.
  4. Breast milk has many biological functions: it is an important source of nutrition, actively and passively forms the infant’s immunity and also forms intestine microbial system which is important for the balanced function of immunity. Detailed analysis of breast milk can determine deficiencies which can be corrected and therefore improve the health condition of the baby.


ZDRAVÁ SPERMIE  (Healthy Sperm)

The project Zdravá spermie examines the problem of male infertility. Modern life has created a lack of physical activity, overeating, overweight, stress, disorders in daily and seasonal biorhythms and so on. These examples indicate some of the reasons behind the decrease in male fertility. Only 50% of men under 35 years of age have fully functional sperm. 

Though knowledge about these problems grows, the reaction of many health care facilities is insufficient. A spermiogram examination often takes place in inappropriate conditions which are highly discouraging for young men. We offer a simple solution. You can order a collecting set to be sent to your home, it is delivered to you by mail, you can collect the sample at home and then deliver it to our laboratory. First results are usually available in two hours; a complete result-list is ready in 3-4 days.

The microbiological examination includes a fully detailed analysis. This analysis can be also extended with the examination of a wide spectrum of sexually transmitted diseases. We guarantee a quick and discrete approach which will enable an immediate solution to be found to a life problem.

A new and interesting topic is the analysis of the male chromosome Y. We can determine the origins of your ancestors by the detection of the so-called haplogroup of chromosome Y. Each human evolution line has different selection pressures and this determines different predispositions or immunity from diseases. The knowledge of the haplotype enables a better insight into your own genome.

The project Zdravá spermie is part of a wider, long-term project of reproductive medicine. In our modern age the number of infertile couples is growing. The reasons can be immune disorders or chronical infections. We are also able to examine the genetic incompatibility of the couple.



Our public association Máša helps allergic people. The association was founded in 2001. Our goal was to create a real and functional public association for allergic patients. We organised several workshops with international participants. Part of the presentation is available on our website and also on YouTube.

The association publishes information materials for patients. We also created the book “Svět pylů” (World of Pollens) which summarises important information about plants with allergenic potential. Currently we are working on a new publication about insect allergies.


PYLY (Pollens)

This information portal for allergic patients provides regular pollen news; with the possibility of subscribing to it in the form of e-mail, sms of mobile-phone applications.

The portal was founded 14 years ago because of the necessity to unite and clarify Czech, Latin, English, German and French nomenclature of plants for the layman and for professionals. We have created a photo-atlas of plants in cooperation with the Faculty of Science, Charles University. Together with the public association Máša we organized the workshop “Pylové alergeny” (Pollen Allergens) in 2007. The lectures from the workshop are available online or on YouTube. In 2014 we published a book “Svět pylů” (World of Pollens) also in cooperation with Máša. The book takes a close look at 40 plants with allergic potential.

Mobile-phone application iOS, Android.

In February 2016 we published our mobile-phone application which enables patients to monitor their health condition. The information can be shared with your doctor. On the base of this information the doctor can better identify your allergens, prescribe your medicine and plan preventative measures.  

Insects, ticks

This application now also has the possibility to record insect-bites. There is not only the risk of an allergic reaction to an insect bite but also the risk of infectious diseases being transferred (for example by tick). The application enables you to note the time and geographic location of the bite and also to take a photo of bitten area. These records can be saved and sent to your doctor.


VŠE PRO ALERGIKY (Everything for Allergic Patients)

Vše pro alergiky is an e-shop with a wide range of goods for allergic patients. Originally it was founded as a regular shop but now it functions on-line.

You can find bed linen, air purifiers, washing detergents, clothes for patients suffering with eczema and much more. All goods fulfil international standards and contain the best brands in this specialisation.

In February 2016 we published our mobile-phone application which enables patients to monitor their health condition. The information can be shared with your doctor. 


PIHY (Birthmarks, Freckles)

This portal was founded in 2004 as a pioneering attempt at long-distance-medicine. The goal was to simplify the communication of the patient with the doctor. This type of communication slowly became a separate field of medicine thanks to the rapid development in computer technologies.

Skin cancer (melanoma) usually does not hurt and therefore patients do not feel compelled to go to the doctor. The melanomas are small, look harmless and patients are often discouraged by full waiting rooms. The possibility to take a photo of a mark and send it to the doctor is ideal. The doctor can evaluate if another examination is necessary and suggest that the patient should meet the doctor personally.




The project was founded in 2001 and its goal is to offer a qualitative medical service for hair and nail problems. Currently we are working on a new version of the website. The revised project will contain a list of cosmetics and cosmetic facilities which are suitable for patients with skin, nail and hair difficulties (allergic patients, patients with psoriasis or eczema and so on).


VENEROLOGIE (Venerology)

On the website you can find a list of sexually transmitted diseases including their possible origin, their symptoms and the description of diagnostics and possible cures. You can read about common and well-known diseases like chlamydia, mycoplasma, gonorrhoea, syphilis or HIV or about less-known, rare infections. With the growing popularity of travelling and with globalization the number of people infected with sexually transmitted diseases also grows.

In our centre it is possible to have examinations and cures for sexually transmitted diseases anonymously. The sampling set can be sent by mail which enables the patient to collect the sample outside our clinic.

Project Venerologie is also a part of wider, long-term project of reproductive medicine. The causes of infertility are often immune disorders and chronical infections.




The company Medicínský index was founded in 2008. The aim of the company was to create an informative, advisory and educatory portal for patients and medical-service-providers. The main activities also include organising workshops, educational conferences and lectures with medical topics.

Our portal also enables patients to choose the doctor or medical facility on the base of rating (Medindex) from other patients. The current database is being continuously extended and up-dated.

We also inform the public about recent news in the field of medicine, new Czech and foreign publications and also about seminars workshops and congresses. We enable access to reference literature with advantageous conditions for registered doctors in.

A part of the project is also a law-advisory service for patients and medical employees.


NAŠI POLITICI (Our Politics)

The project was founded at the end of 2007 as a consequence of a negative experience with our medical system. Most of the problems come from a political source. Doctor Radek Klubal together with postgraduate students Jiří Fiala and Michal Voda built the database of politically active citizens and through the database we monitor their post-election activities. We create a profile of each candidate before elections and simulate electronic elections. We have also made available the individual budgets of ministries, procurements and regional operational programmes.

The aim of this project is to build new, transparent rules for politics.




NORMÁLNÍ NOVINY (Normal Newspaper)

We are currently building the project Normální noviny. This project will not be affected by political and business interests. We would like to promote precise investigative journalism. If you are interested and you would like to work with us on this project, contact us on e-mail: Klubal(at)


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